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Working Together

EGN - Making Each Other Better


We help business leaders grow through a trusted network of peers

Since 1992, EGN has provided tailored peer groups for business leaders and specialists.

Through business relationships and experience sharing in confidential settings, we strive to create personal, professional and business value for our network peers. 

What started as one man’s vision in 1992, is today a global network of 14,000 members, representing more than 8,000 companies and 70 professions. A trusted, worldwide network of peers with a shared ambition of making each other better - every day.

Soul Rich Woman

Soul Rich Woman

For Women who Love the F Word

Soul Rich Woman is Southeast Asia’s largest network of female entrepreneurs with 11,000 active members collaborating across 15 countries. It's mission is to enable women to succeed in business, life and health, through knowledge sharing, networking and inspiring confidence in one another.

What first started as a mission aimed to help women entrepreneurs in Singapore has now expanded to other Asian countries with including Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, China and Indonesia. Its main purpose is to bring like-minded women together and empower the members in a way that they achieve their ambitions with proper guidance. Its network of community leaders and staff engage a wider 200,000 strong female community.

Soul Rich Woman is helping remove obstacles to female entrepreneurship through mentoring, skill sharing and network building programmes across the region.

Women on a Mission.jpg

Women on a Mission

Challenging Ourselves to Empower Women

Women on a Mission (WOAM) is a non-profit organisation, headquartered in Singapore, which aims to raise awareness and funds for women survivors of war and to support and empower women who have been subjected to violence and abuse. 


Our strategy is to organise and promote a yearly campaign and a challenging expedition - self-funded by each participant - to increase visibility, and to raise money for our chosen charities. We partner with existing well-established non-profit institutions that already have well-run programmes and structures in place dedicated to serving the underprivileged with a particular focus on women's issues. 


Building on our success, our goal is to raise SGD 2 million by 2022. When women come together and are passionate about a cause, extraordinary things can happen!


Black Marketing

Enabling LinkedIn for you

Black Marketing is the world's most recommended and most awarded LinkedIn marketing agency that has just won the Leading B2B Marketing Agency of the Year 2018 Asia's Best Brand 2018 and Social Media Agency of the Year.


Black Marketing is created and led by the world's most recommended LinkedIn marketing entrepreneur with almost 900 LinkedIn recommendations, 3x bestselling author and the only one who has been an Official LinkedIn Power Profile Chris J. Reed, the only Global CEO with a Mohawk!

CanCham Logo.JPG

Canada Chamber of Commerce Singapore

Since its inception in 1983 (as the Canada-Singapore Business Association), CanCham Singapore has grown into one of Singapore’s most recognized international business associations. It is currently embarking on an exciting growth phase, providing more value to its members as a result of Asia’s ascendancy in global markets and Canada’s increased commercial engagement with Singapore and its neighbours.

Our membership comprises organizations making contacts and developing trade and investment opportunities between Singapore, Canada and the Asian region. The Chamber is engaged with key Singapore and Canadian business networks, and members have access to this network. Through its affiliation with other Canadian business associations in Asia, CanCham Singapore can provide access to more than 3,000 contacts in the region.


Singapore Management University -

Executive Development

The Women and Leadership Programme is a highly reputable programme and exclusively designed around the leadership development of female executives. Core programme premise is to strive for personal leadership mastery first before leading others. In addition, the programme aspires to reap the advantage of diversity, and showcases how organizations benefit when women leaders are represented at all levels of the organization. Faculty will draw on thought leadership critical for the success of female leaders.


The programme works on 2 main themes:

  • Leading self: Women often adopt behavioral patterns and mental models considered appropriate for their gender. These beliefs often create self-limiting behaviours and prevent women from realizing their true potential. Through this programme we explore alternatives to challenge our beliefs. Realizing which behaviours get in our way of personal and professional success is a key insight. We also explore the topics of effective work-life integration, as well as creating a strategic network for your career success.


  • Leading others: The programme explores how to lead from a strengths-based perspective. We will work on vital managerial skills such as negotiation and collaboration to achieve results in modern organizations. Special focus sits on leading across cultures and boundaries. Finally, we will hone your executive presence and strategic communication skills to rounds off the exclusive learning for female executives.

The programme will take place Sept 11 – 13, 2019 at SMU.

Engage white background.png

Engage! Communication by Design

ENGAGE! is a communications agency with one goal in mind: engagement.


We help clients to create experiences and spark conversations, both internally and externally, that are memorable, interesting and on-trend.

Conversations are about listening, not just talking.

We listen to your needs. You listen to us.
Your audience listens to you.

Engaging conversations all round.

We call this communication by design.

Want to take your conversations to the next level?

Our talented team of engagers has 20 years’ experience in communications strategy, coaching, content design, event design and production.

Engage us and we’ll deliver.

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