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Our 2020 Speakers

Abam Mambo.png

Abam  Mambo is a writer and lawyer at a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company where she currently oversees privileged investigations for Asia. Previously, Abam spent a combined twelve years as employment counsel and regional compliance officer advising senior executives and HR professionals on fair employment practices, inclusion and diversity, and corporate risk management. She has lived and led teams in North America, Africa, and Asia.

A prolific speaker, her talk on “Creating Your Seat at the Table” has nabbed almost 100,000 YouTube views. She also delivered a keynote address to Transparency International Asia, presented to the World Health Organization’s Africa Forum, and received a 2015 Rising Star Award from the National Employment Law Council. Her short stories and poetry, have been published or are upcoming in Farafina, Awakened Voices, Wards, etc.

Abam holds a Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School and is a mother of one fast-growing boy.

Assistant General Counsel & Investigations Counsel - Asia Pacific, GSK

Abam Mambo

Kaumudi Goda.jpg

Kaumudi Goda (KG) is an experienced professional who has helped transform Fortune 500 companies in Asia, Europe, and North America as a talent strategist, culture builder and program manager.

KG has delivered industry-leading results in learning and development, talent retention and management; and diversity and inclusion. She is a trusted business advisor and has extensive global experience in client leadership, business development, and P&L responsibilities.

With 14 years of client and project management experience, KG moved into human capital management after an MBA. Prior to that, she was an attorney for seven years in the U.S. with an LLM from the University of Virginia. 

She is an award-winning public speaker and a published author who enjoys training, coaching and mentoring.

Chief Operating Officer, MetaMind Training

Co-chair, KeyNote - Asia's Women Speakers Registry

Kaumudi Goda

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