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Abam Mambo is a writer and lawyer at a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company where she currently oversees privileged investigations for Asia. Previously, Abam spent a combined twelve years as Employment Counsel and Regional Compliance Officer, advising senior executives and HR professionals on fair employment practices, inclusion and diversity, and corporate risk management. She has lived and led teams in North America, Africa, and Asia.

She's also keenly interested in the intersectionality of I&D, employee management and corporate risk management, to which she brings a unique perspective. Because she believes the best organisations create safe spaces for individual voices to be heard, diverse perspectives shared and concerns raised, Abam helps leaders create such environments and build diverse teams.

A prolific speaker, her talk on “Creating Your Seat at the Table” has nabbed almost 100,000 YouTube views. She also delivered a keynote address to Transparency International Asia, presented to the World Health Organization’s Africa Forum, and received a 2015 Rising Star Award from the National Employment Law Council. Her short stories and poetry, have been published or are upcoming in Farafina, Awakened Voices, Wards etc.

Abam holds a Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School and is a mother of one fast-growing boy.

At IWD 2020, Abam’s topic is Some Women are More Equal Than Others.
In assessing progress made so far in the fight against gender inequality, we must be aware of, and discuss the fact that these gains disproportionately go to Caucasian and fair-skinned women. This begs the question – can we attain equity for all women when minority and darker-skinned women are not starting on an even playing field? And as men are called upon to be allies in the fight against gender inequality, what is the role of Caucasian and light-skinned women in ensuring a level playing field and that no woman are left behind.

Abam Mambo-Doh


Cindy Tien is a passionate speaker, trainer, and coach in building personal brand presence, emotional quotient, and social intelligence. She believes that every individual should be an authentic personal brand of their own, and she takes pride in helping individuals elevate their ability to connect and influence others through their appearance, behaviour, and communication skills.

Cindy’s motivation comes from her immense interest and study in human behaviour. Having worked in corporate client-facing roles within various organizational structures in the last 20 years, she strongly believes that a well-lived life is one that is filled with true inner strength and confidence, and personal connections with others – resulting in success and lasting happiness.

A lifelong learner, Cindy is certified in Image Management, Behavioural Consulting, and Emotional Intelligence. She is sought after as an authentic, fun and edgy influencer who brings results to the table. Besides being a member of Keynote Women Speakers, Cindy is also a Senior Consultant & Corporate Trainer at Imageworks, and an Executive Committee member of the Asia Professional Speakers Singapore (APSS).

At IWD 2020, Cindy’s topic is Can our Future be Fair?

The world appears to be getting more dangerous to live in as we need to tiptoe around everything we say, do and write for fear of offending someone or getting into a heated online debate. Why are we constantly fighting fairness? Is our problem an actual problem? Have you been affected by the epidemic of “over-carefulness?” or “comparison?” Is this good for our wellbeing? In this keynote, Cindy shares her personal story and practical ideas for managing ourselves to step up as role models for the next generation of humanity.

Cindy Tien


Dalia Feldheim is a passionate champion for people aspiring to maximise their potential. She draws on her extensive experience spanning 20 years in global roles in the US, Europe and Asia and across 4 different countries (Israel, Geneva, Moscow and Singapore), in Corporate Marketing , brand building, coaching and mindfulness to help people and organisations create a sustainable change.

Dalia’s 20 year corporate career includes 17 years at P&G where she led some of the world’s most successful brand-building campaigns including the iconic ‘Always Like a Girl,’ and most recently as Chief Marketing Officer for Electrolux Asia. She has always been passionate about women empowerment and founded a women’s network for P&G in Moscow and Singapore. Her book ‘Dare to lead like a Girl’ is due out early next year sharing her insight on thriving as a woman in the corporate world.

In 2018, Dalia decided to leave her corporate marketing career to establish her own Leadership Consultancy (Flow Leadership Consultancy) and focus full time on her passion for supporting leaders to impact change with greater Purpose, Joy and Mindful flow. On top of her consultancy, she has been invited to speak internationally (including TedX Israel) and is an adjunct professor at SMU on happiness and suffering. 


At IWD 2020, Dalia’s topic is Dare to Lead Like a Girl .

The world is undergoing a leadership crisis. It's no surprise that empathy and employee engagement in the workplace is down, and stress and burnout is up. We know empathy and compassion can help reverse this trend, but too often these are seen as weak or feminine traits in our traditional, masculine notions of leadership. Dalia flips the phrase “like a girl" on its head, this time provocatively challenging us
all to lead, like a girl.

Dalia Feldheim 

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Kaumudi Goda (KG) is the Co-Chair of KeyNote and the Chief Operating Officer at MetaMind Training.

KG is an experienced professional who has helped transform Fortune 500 companies in Asia, Europe, and North America as a talent strategist, culture builder and program manager. She is a trusted business advisor and has extensive global experience in client leadership, business development and P&L responsibilities.

With 14 years of client and project management experience, KG moved into human capital management after an MBA. Prior to that, she was an attorney for seven years in the U.S. with an LLM from the University of Virginia. She is an award-winning public speaker and a published author who enjoys training, coaching and mentoring.

At IWD 2020, KG’s topic is The Human Conversation

(Bias, Inclusion, Technology & Global Leadership).

The world we live in is increasingly diverse. As individuals, we all have blind spots and biases. Technology accelerates and amplifies the impact of our decisions. Understanding and managing bias is critical not only to becoming stronger, more effective and inclusive individuals & leaders, but also a critical first step towards embedding embedding EQUITY in organisations in meaningful and sustainable ways to create an inclusive,empowering and inspiring work environment.

Kaumudi Goda


Living in Singapore and Asia for the past 14 years, Rahma covered various roles in multinational companies from Sales & Marketing to Retail, Branding, and Market Research. Currently, Rahma works at GfK Asia as Regional Director APAC.

In recent years, Rahma has been helping corporate leaders have better conversations on salary negotiations and talent retention. She also facilitates workshops and mastermind sessions to help entrepreneurs charge their worth and overcome their money blocks.


With a French and Moroccan cultural background, Rahma is an active community member and advocate of women's leadership in the workplace.


At IWD 2020, Rahma’s topic is Moving The Needle

In this powerful presentation, Rahma takes on the age-old debate of gender pay gap to give it a fresh twist and new perspective. The concepts she shares help women gain control over their own financial growth and inspires leaders to take simple yet effective actions to help bridge the gap. With real-life examples and striking images, she engages her audience and motivates them to act on what they uncover.

Moving beyond the topic of gender gap, Rahma delivers insights and strategies to help her audience build negotiation skills and resilience when confronted to limiting beliefs and self-sabotage.

Rahma Assante


The founder and Chief Happiness Officer of The Happy Mondays Co, Sandra is a business and strategy professional who was aware that bias, inequity and other inclusion and market-based challenges remain common within the professional sphere. As a result, Sandra launched The Happy Mondays Co in 2016; an inclusion-focused, female-led career empowerment consultancy.

Integrating her head-hunting, training and coaching experience and by aligning identity, possibility and potential, Sandra creates sustainable positive change generating greater diversity, inclusion, and innovation for individuals, organisations and the communities around them. 


A thought-leader, Sandra was a speaker at the very first TEDx Adventure Singapore. Since then, she has become a keynote-speaker advocating for Women Empowerment, Well-being and Diversity & Inclusion; and collaborated with multiple businesses, associations and universities internationally with the aim of spreading the Happy Mondays philosophy.

Besides her work at The Happy Mondays Co, Sandra is a Board Member of PrimeTime Business and Professional Association and also a certified yoga teacher who integrates her holistic approach and values of balance and mindfulness into her work. Her clients describe her as a "career hacker" and as a "realistic-optimist", while her family and friends describe her as the happiest and most passionate person they've met.


At IWD 2020, Sandra will partner with fellow speaker Uma Rudd Chia to present a joint keynote: Who Am I?. This will be a first of its kind at KeyNote Women Speakers, where two of its spunkiest speakers are coming together on stage to speak about our theme Equity, for IWD 2020.

Sandra Quelle

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In her work as a speaker, facilitator and ICF credentialed coach, Dr. Sarah focuses on practical strategies to positively impact people's personal and emotional skills.  Sarah draws upon her years of experience in education and her academic credentials to support people and organisations in developing emotional intelligence.


Following on from her degree in Psychology and Masters in Education, Sarah’s doctoral thesis focused on connecting emotional intelligence solutions to support children in global transition.


At IWD 2020, Dr Sarah Whyte will share her keynote: Emotional Equity at Work.

Her talk highlights the imbalance in how we expect men and women to express their emotions at work, and the clear disparity in the consequences for each gender when they display the same emotion.


Her actionable insights demonstrate how emotional equity can help both genders to succeed professionally in stressful situations.

Dr. Sarah Whyte


Dr. Tanvi Gautam, a regular visitor to the C-suite, is a multi-award winning keynote speaker, bestselling author and consultant on transformational leadership in the age of disruption.


 Noted internationally as a top 10 HR influencer on social media for five years in a row, she was named by the Workforce magazine (USA) to the 'Game Changer' awards list. In 2019 she was recognised by the Asian Women and leadership Congress with the Asia's Women Leaders award.

She is also a corporate storytelling & narrative coach helping leaders use the power of narrative for digital transformation, employer branding, culture change and sales. Her case studies on HR transformation are used internationally by Business Schools for teaching MBA students. She was a faculty at University of Richmond in the Master of HRM (for executives) in the area of Technology and HR, as well as taught in the PhD program at Virginia Commonwealth University. 

Dr. Tanvi is also on the board of the Asian region Training & Development organisation. She often serves as jury on prestigious HR awards such as the LinkedIn Conscious Business Leader awards and BritCham Diversity and Inclusion awards.Her insights on the Future of Work have been quoted and published in forums such as:  Forbes.com, Wall Street Journal Mint, The Business Times & Economic Times.

Dr. Tanvi earned her PhD from the Business School at the University of Pittsburgh in the area of Organizational Behaviour, Human Resources and Information Systems.

At IWD 2020, Dr. Tanvi’s keynote will be: The Trouble with Women 

The talk looks at the way in which equality for women has been dumbed down to its

lowest common denominator without acknowledging the diversity within the

experience of being a woman. Bringing in the conversation of intersectionality and her work with women across the globe, Dr. Tanvi highlights how ultimately equality needs to be dropped in favour of equity.

Dr. Tanvi Gautam

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Uma Rudd Chia is an award-winning Creative Director who currently heads up the creative department at Weber Shandwick. Uma has held regional and global roles at leading advertising agencies in Hong Kong, Australia, and Singapore.

With over 60 keynotes on innovation, women empowerment and creativity under her belt, she has graced the stages of 9 countries and engaged over 100,000 people. She has spoken at Google Women’s Day Celebration and Facebook Girl’s Can Code Week: Mindful Lives, to name a few. Uma has emceed and facilitated events such as the Global Leadership Summit 2018.


Uma has been interviewed in magazines, radio shows, CNA, podcasts and live social media broadcasts. A LinkedIn Influencer, Uma blogs on future technology and her ideas to make the world better.


Uma is the founder of The Female Idea movement, a platform to advocate inclusivity, gender equality, women empowerment and the need for more women leaders in the creative arena. She has an M.A. in Digital Media Management & Technology from Hyper Island.


Uma is happily married to one husband and has two inquisitive children. She has created her own phonics programme, Reading PANTS™, sung in two best-selling acapella albums, and authored two books.


At IWD 2020, Uma will partner with fellow speaker Sandra Quelle to present a joint keynote: Who Am I?. This will be a first of its kind at KeyNote Women Speakers, where two of its spunkiest speakers are coming together on stage to speak about our theme Equity, for IWD 2020.

Uma Rudd Chia


Zoe Kinias is an Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD and the Academic Director of INSEAD’s Gender Initiative. She is also a member of the INSEAD Randomized Control Trials Lab.

After ten years leading and teaching MBA programs, first at the Kellogg School of Management and then at INSEAD, Zoe now primarily teaches Executive Programs. Her teaching topics focus on leadership development, social issues at the intersection of business and society, and psychological research in applied/business contexts. She has taught the core Organisational Behaviour PhD course at INSEAD since 2011. Zoe Kinias is directing the INSEAD Gender Diversity Programme.

In the past few years Zoe has increasingly focused on the overlap between her two broad research streams – resiliency research and diversity research - examining women's experiences of identity threat globally and how these can be mitigated by cost-effective and powerful interventions. She uses experimental and quasi-experimental (gender, ethnicity, and national culture cannot be randomly assigned) methods in the laboratory and field to increase internal validity and draw strong causal inferences, as well as archival, survey, and qualitative methods to strengthen ecological validity.

One paper from this diversity and resiliency stream was awarded the Academy of Management’s Faculty Transnational Research Award (2015).

Zoe’s work has been published in leading management and psychology journals, including the Journal of Applied Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, and Psychological Science.

At IWD 2020, Prof. Zoe Kinias will present the opening keynote, Motivating Action Towards Gender Equity.

Prof. Zoe Kinias

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