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Equity in Action

In 2016, the Diversity Action Committee (DAC) in Singapore set the target of having 20% female representation on the boards of listed companies by 2020. Renamed, the Council for Board Diversity (CBD), in January 2019, the same organization reported that women on boards (WOB) is 15.7% among the top 100 primary-listed companies on SGX, and 24.5% among statutory boards. WOB for the top 100 IPCs remained unchanged at 27.4%.


However, new board seats continue to be mostly filled by men. Among first-time directors for top 100 companies in 2018, 30% were women and 70% men, similar to the previous year. For all listed companies, 14% of first-time directors were women and 86% men.


Internationally, Singapore still trails other countries in terms of female board representation coming behind countries including France (42.5 % female representation) and Norway (42.1%)

Real change is only achievable if companies change their focus. Shifting the focus from merely Equality – giving equal opportunity to everyone – to Equity: providing women what they need to succeed in senior roles can make a powerful difference.


This conference live-streamed from INSEAD Asia Campus will feature 10 inspirational speakers, who will give their perspective on Equity. Join us virtually to get inspired from an afternoon of Ted-X style talks.


Attendees can expect:

• Practical and Thought-Provoking Strategies, Insights and Inspiration on  Equity

• An opportunity to build Strong Networks with like-minded individuals

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