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Speaker Application
Are you a member of the KeyNote Women Speakers Directory?
Are you based overseas?

Thanks for submitting!


  • Must be a KeyNote Women Speakers Directory member in good standing (dues paid)

  • Must be able to audition in person for those based in Singapore. Maximum 5 minutes speaking time. 

  • Singapore-based speakers who can't attend the audition can submit a 5-minute video of themselves. Please provide link.

  • Speakers based outside of Singapore can submit audition videos (5 minutes maximum). Please provide link.

  • Agree to be coached by mentor coaches

  • Agree to be filmed / photographed for marketing purposes

  • Topic must be related to Equity

  • Non-Singapore based speakers will have to pay their own expenses to attend the IWD event on 5 March 2020

What is Equity?

  • Equity is not Equality

    • Equity goes beyond Equality by giving everyone varying levels of support and resources according to need for people to succeed

  • Equity is based on Fairness

    • Everyone is different and those differences need to be taken into consideration, be it gender, physical abilities, socio-economic background, knowledge, and skills, to level the playing field

  • Equity promotes Diversity

    • Diversity is often the result of workplaces and societies that are functioning equitably

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